It is all about providing a personal interactive experience, borderless.

We build Cerevent to reconnect family and friends together, so they will never miss important milestones in your life that you want to celebrate.

Your Celebrations without Borders

The platform is a place to gather between friends for special moments to celebrate. The distance or the schedule shouldn’t be on your way to assembling the people you love around you. Cerevent is the platform that produces with you those moments.

Host 2, 4, 6, or 100 of your friends.

Whether it is a small or large group, we have a solution to accommodate your need for your events.

One platform = variety of events possible

We thought about many types of events that you can configure and personalized at your wishes.

True Interaction and Engagement

We put the interaction between guests at the heart of the platform. We designed many activities to break the ice between guests and make your events an experience to remember. 

What are the benefits of hosting events on Cerevent?

Your main concern should be to have fun with your guests and minimize the organization. Select your theme and customize it. Schedule and organize activities with ease. Receive genuine engagement between you and your guests and between them.

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Easy set-up

In 5 simple steps, your events will be online to manage and enjoy with your guests.

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Countless events themes to meet your event objective

Birthday, Wedding, Game Night, Boardgames, Showcase, … you name it.

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Borderless & Environment friendly

The distance won’t be a problem; it will be an environment-friendly gesture, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

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Interaction & Engagement

Activities during your event will assure maximum engagement of your guests. 

Do you want to host
your Friends & Family event?

Register with us by showing your interests, and we will keep you up to date on our platform launch.