We have solutions according to your event type.​

Whether it is a birthday, a wedding, or a simple gathering between friends, we thought about each type of event and created templates and activities according to your needs.
We basically help make the planning simple and help make your event fun and memorable.

Movie Nights Wedding Gatherings Sport Events Graduation Baby Shower Showcase Game Nights Sport Events Birthday

Birthday Baby Shower Wedding Gatherings Graduation Showcase Game Nights Sport Events Movie Nights

It is your Birthday! All your friends and family have to be there where ever they are. Now you can! No excuses.

It is a Wedding, it should be a pure moment of sharing. Family, Friends, Colleagues, Alumni, … they’re all now can attend your wedding. 

Welcome your Baby to this world with a digital touch—a fun day with gifts, games, and a lot of laughs.

Create a space for your celebrations. Gather your friends & family together and create memories

Sometimes distances can create a gap between distant friends and family members. A good old game night is a great way to reconnect.

Christmas with everyone, literally. It is the moment of the year to gather, and now it is borderless.

Your New Year’s Eve, will last 24h, borderless.​ Celebrate with your friends and family across the globe borderless this special night.

Share your academic milestone with everyone.

Create a community around your project, your talent, your product. It is all about showcasing what you’re passionate about with people sharing your passion.

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