Connecting People for Personal Events,
Without borders

Since its inception, Cerevent took the mission of connecting & reconnecting people with friends and family to celebrate their most personal milestones and events.
Reconnect people whatever the distance without compromising the experience and festive aspect of the events.

Emotion, Interaction & Simple

The pandemic broke apart families and friends, and it destroyed links and canceled countless events globally, mostly personal. The pandemic is now getting to an end. But now more than ever, it is about reconnecting and interacting with our family and friends, whatever the condition, borderless.

Your family & friends are attending your event;
it became borderless.

An event or any occasion to meet should be attended by all the people you care about. Now with Cerevent, they can participate in your digital event space and enjoy it anywhere in the world in a simple and accessible manner.

This is not a Video-Conferencing Tool;
It is an experience.

We do virtual events and have a video-conferencing tool, but we boosted it to make it a genuine experience to remember. The memorable factor is precisely what will define your events and how they will be remembered by your guests. We work continuously to improve and develop experiences to ensure maximum engagement and fun.

Do you want to host
your Friends & Family event?

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