Engagement can take many shape

Every virtual event starts embedded the latest ways to communicate between guests. So do us and slightly more. We’ve giving options to interact with your guests and between them.

A Face to Face, a 1 to 1, or a group.

Just talk and engage alone on the Main Floor and be joined by 1, 2 or more people. As a host, you have the control on the settings, the camera, the mic and who will jump on the Main Floor.

Chatting in writing?
Conventional but efficient.

Parallel to the Main Floor, you and your guests can communicate by writing in the chat. You can send a message to the entire event or specific persons.

How do you feel about what your friends are saying? Indicate it.

Pass your mouse on the Main Floor windows; you can send an emoji to react quickly to what your friends are talking about.

Do you want to reconnect with a person or a group during the event, without missing it? It is possible.

It was an early obsession for the team to ensure that in-person guests and virtual guests could interact as if they were in the same room. We just extend the space by extending the conversation and making sure that your guests can interact with each other.

Ready to be host your Friends & Family

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